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Xiamen AcTEC Electronics Co., Ltd. Mobile Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 2020.10.01

Updated: 2020.10.01

Xiamen AcTEC Electronics Co., Ltd. andsubsidiaries (“we”, “us”, “our”, “Xiamen AcTEC Electronics Co., Ltd.”) arecommitted to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describesour practices in connection with information privacy on Personal Data weprocess through your individual use of the following services, products, andrelated mobile applications (collectively, the “Products”):

·        AcTEC Smart Mobile Application

In this Privacy Policy, “Personal Data” meansinformation that can be used to identify an individual, either from thatinformation alone, or from that information and other information we haveaccess to about that individual. “Smart Devices” refers to those nonstandardcomputing devices produced or manufactured by hardware manufacturers, withhuman-machine interface and the ability to transmit data that connectwirelessly to a network, including: smart home appliances, smart wearabledevices, smart air cleaning devices, etc. “Apps” refers to those mobileapplications developed by Xiamen AcTEC Electronics Co., Ltd. that provide endusers remote control to Smart Devices and with the ability to connect to thesupplier IoT Platform.

For other branded mobile applications powered byXiamen AcTEC Electronics Co., Ltd., our Clients control all the Personal Datacollected through our Products. We collect the information under the directionof our Clients and the processing of such information shall be limited to thepurpose of providing the service for which our Clients has engaged us. If youare a customer of one of our Clients and would no longer like to be contactedby one of our Clients that use our service, please contact the Client that youinteract with directly.

What Personal Data do wecollect

In order to provide our services to you, we willask you to provide necessary Personal Data that is required to provide thoseservices. If you do not provide your Personal Data, we may not be able toprovide you with our products or services.

1.     Information You VoluntarilyProvide Us

·        Account or Profile Data: When you register an account with us, we may collect your nameand contact details, such as your email address, phone number, user name, and logincredentials. During your interaction with our Products, we may further collectyour nickname, profile picture, country code, language preference or time zoneinformation into your account.

2.     Information We CollectAutomatically

·        Device Information: When you interact with our Product, we automatically collectdevice information, such as the MAC address of your devices, IP address,wireless connection information, operating system type and version,application version number, push notification identifier, log files, and mobilenetwork information.

·        Usage Data: During your interaction with our Sites and Services, weautomatically collect usage data relating to visits, clicks, downloads,messages sent/received, and other usage of our Sites and Services.

·        Log Information: When you use our app, the system and exception log may beuploaded.

·        Location Information: We may collect information about your real-time precise ornon-precise geo-location when you use our specific Products or Services, suchas  Home location, weather, sceneautomation and other functions.

3.    Smart Devices Related Information:

·        Basic Information of SmartDevices: When you connect your Smart Devices with our Products orServices, we may collect basic information about your Smart Devices such asdevice name, device ID, online status, activation time, firmware version, andupgrade information.

·        Information Reported bySmart Devices: Depending on the different Smart Devices youelect to connect with our Products or Services, we may collect differentinformation reported by your Smart Devices. For example, Please  Equipment switch status.

Purposes and legal basisfor processing Personal Data

Thepurpose for which we may process information about you are as follows:

·        Non-marketing Communication: We process your Personal Data to send you importantinformation regarding the Services, changes to our terms, conditions, andpolicies and/or other administrative information. Because this information maybe important, you may not opt-out of receiving such communications. The legalbasis for this processing is to perform our contract with youaccording to our Terms of Use.

Who do we share PersonalData with?

At Xiamen AcTEC Electronics Co., Ltd, we only share Personal Datain ways that we tell you about. We may share your Personal Data with thefollowing recipients:

Except for the third parties described above, tothird parties only with your consent.

International Transfer ofInformation Collected

To facilitate our operation, we may transfer,store and process your Personal Data in jurisdictions other than where youlive. Laws in these countries may differ from the laws applicable to yourcountry of residence.

Your Rights Relating toYour Personal Data

Werespect your rights and control over your Personal Data. You may exercise anyof the following rights:

Via the “Profile – Personal Center” in our Products

You do not have to pay a fee and we will aim to respond youwithin 30 days. If you decide to email us, in your request, please make clearwhat information you would like to have changed, whether you would like to haveyour Personal Data deleted from our database or otherwise let us know whatlimitations you would like to put on our use of your Personal Data. Please notethat we may ask you to verify your identity before taking further action onyour request, for security purposes.


·        Request access to the Personal Datathat we process about you;

·        Request that we correct inaccurate orincomplete Personal Data about you;

·        Request deletion of Personal Data aboutyou;

·        Request restrictions, temporarily orpermanently, on our processing of some or all Personal Data about you;

·        Request transfer of Personal Data toyou or a third party where we process the data based on your consent or acontract with you, and where our processing is automated; and

·        Opt-out or object to our use ofPersonal Data about you where our use is based on your consent or ourlegitimate interests.


Weuse commercially reasonable physical, administrative, and technical safeguardsto preserve the integrity and security of your Personal Data. Xiamen AcTEC Electronics Co., Ltd provides varioussecurity strategies to effectively ensure data security of user and device. Asfor device access, Xiamen AcTEC Electronics Co., Ltdproprietary algorithms are employed to ensure data isolation, accessauthentication, applying for authorization. As for data communication,communication using security algorithms and transmission encryption protocolsand commercial level information encryptiontransmission based on dynamic keys are supported. As for data processing,strict data filtering and validation and complete data audit are applied. Asfor data storage, all confidential information of users will be safely encryptedfor storage. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is nolonger secure (for example, if you feel that the security of any account youmight have with us has been compromised), you could immediately notify us ofthe problem by emailing

Data Retention

Weprocess your Personal Data for the minimum period necessary for the purposesset out in this Privacy Policy, unless there is a specific legal requirementfor us to keep the data for a longer retention period. We determine theappropriate retention period based on the amount, nature, and sensitivity ofyour Personal Data, and after the retention period ends, we will destruct yourPersonal Data. When we are unable to do so for technical reasons, we willensure that appropriate measures are put in place to prevent any further suchuse of your Personal Data.  

Changes to this PrivacyPolicy

We may update this Privacy Policy toreflect changes to our information practices. If we make any material changeswe will notify you by email (send to the e-mail address specified in youraccount) or by means of a notice in the mobile applications prior to the changebecoming effective. We encourage you to periodically review this page for thelatest information on our privacy practices.


If you have any questions about ourpractices or this Privacy Policy, please contact us as follows:

Xiamen AcTEC Electronics Co., Ltd.

Postal Mailing Address: No. 4,Tongfu Road, Tong’an District, Xiamen, China 


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